W.J. Bettgens Elektro GmbH attends Erbil International Fair in Iraq

From 18. – 21. Oktober 2010 we are attending the Erbil International Fair in Iraq. Our goal is to find new attractive partners to reinforce our involvement in Iraq.

We stand for high-quality projects and are experts in Real Estate Safety Systems – Made in Germany. Visit us and we’ll convince you that we have the best solution for you task. We are looking forward to meet you in hall 1 stand C38.

Erbil International Fair 2010: A Plattform to network with decision-makers from across Iraq!
Erbil International Fair 2010 will feature exhibitors from various sectors, all of them eager to do business in Kurdistan and Iraq. It will be the ideal meeting point to network and explore new business opportunities with key decisions makers, investors, distributors, agents, traders and government officials.

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Experts in building security and emergency power systems

Are you looking for an expert in building security and emergency power systems

Then you’re right here: We offer one of the highest specialization factors regarding safety improvement – worldwide!

Our solutions are customized and individual. We do not use old-fashioned components for safety engineering but high-quality systems of leading German manufacturers.

Our offer: Purchasing, licensing, installation, commissioning, instruction and maintenance for

  • Video surveillance systems
  • Detection software
  • Intercommunication systems
  • Emergency power systems
  • Lighting systems
  • Security gates and access control
  • Isolated applications (self-sufficientpower supply via photovoltaic, wind energy and generators)
  • Safety Improvement - Security for you and your family!

    Apart from that we test already existing systems and repair possible weak-points. Feel free to contact us! We’re sure we’ll find the perfect solution for your safety! Your inquiries will of course be handled with the utmost discretion.

    New VDE 0100: “Constructing low voltage installations”

    The most obvious and noticeable difference between the “old” VDE 0100 part 729:1986-11 (recalled in February 2010) and the “new” VDE 0100 part 729 (valid as of 1 Feb 2010) is the number of sheets the regulations have. In contrast to the old standard, the new one (VDE 0100-729:2010-02) has increased from 5 pages to 22 pages.

    We train you: Electronic technician for energy and building technology

    You have finished school successfully? Have passed the “Abitur” or the “Realschulabschluss”? You’re interested in technology and good at maths, physics and information technology? Are you looking for a job with excellent future prospects? Then you’re in the right place!

    We are a traditional training company for energy and building technology and we always look for young, talented trainees with commitment and motivation. We hope for new ideas and would love to pass our long-time experience since we do only have a prosperous future with you!

    You should…

  • Show Ambition and motivation (which are much more important than marks!)
  • Have a will to learn and to achieve aims
  • Be interested in technology
  • Have good marks in maths, information technology, physics, German and Englisch
  • Be able to work in a team
  • Have enthusiasm
  • Be open towards further education since standstill equals regression
  • Job description: Electronic technician for energy and building technology

    Electronic technicians for energy and building technology are experts in electric power supply and all kinds of other electro-technical installations in buildings: They plan and install fuses and connections for washing machines and stoves. Apart from that they also install bus systems and data networks or control and regulating devices for heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems. For these applications they create control programs, define and measure electrical parameters and test systems. Installing receiving and broad band communication systems or telecommunication networks is also part of their work. When it comes to maintenance, they test security applications, detect reasons for interferences and eliminate them. If necessary, they advise customers about technical innovations and inform them about the expected costs for modifications. Electronic technicians for energy and building technology are electronic experts in accident prevention regulations.

    Have caught your attention? Please feel free to contact us or send us your comprehensive application via email directly.

    Lightning protection: Safe electrical systems and devices in homes

    Nowadays, modern homes have many devices which are susceptible to overvoltage, e.g. TV, hi-fi systems, DVD players, SAT receivers or PCs connected the Internet. Furthermore, there are household appliances such as fridges, washing machines, dish washers, microwaves and coffee machines. For the surveillance of buildings, video cameras and alarm systems are installed. These devices are highly endangered in case of thunderstorms be it lightning in the surroundings or direct lightning strokes. A lightning protection system with an additional surge protection ensures the required safety.

    Living cross-linked: The e-house

    Entertainment electronics, household appliances, lighting, heating and security systems: Intelligent networking in homes brings rooms into a new dimension. The advantages: more comfort, more security, new possibilities to safe energy costs and to live a self-determined life at old age.

    Controlling at the touch of a button

    All components – from an energy-efficient lighting, 3D-TV and buildings security with cameras to green IT – are in operation at the IFA 2010 in Berlin in the e-house in 7 rooms which is 100 sqm big. Intelligent counters (smart meters) gather the energy consumption and evaluate it. The e sport car Tesla Roadster refuels at home in the garage with the help of the photovoltaic system. A lot of these functions can be controlled by remote controls, touch panels, PCs or smart phones.

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